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Your spirituality is deep and supported by integrity. As a mind, body and soul woman it clearly follows through. There is no " wanna be". You ARE yoga/ union to me. Plus an ability to adapt and flow with it...with life. This is an incredible quality right there. So much knowledge, supported by wisdom.

Elanie's company is energizing - I always feel like I want to be/do better after a visit with her. You are very supportive and give constructive, straight forward, endearing advice. Your genuine passion for life and goodness is contagious. You are compassionate in a cruel world/society.

Elanie connects well with people. She is empathic, kind, understanding, caring and sensitive. She has been consistently keeping in touch with me which shows reliability; someone I can count on. Elanie is authentic. As authentic as it gets. She questions herself and her own motives, and walks in truth.


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