“These classes are so much more fun than I ever thought possible. El, I love your light-hearted fun approach and how you teach us to listen to and appreciate our bodies. My practice has improved so much and for the first time, it felt effortless. Thank you for your time, you are what the world needs right now.

— Nadia S
“Dear Elanie. Your approach to yoga is precious and soulful. It is refreshing to have a teacher that does not strive for that perfect advanced pose and allows her students to be in touch with where they need to be at that moment. Thank you for your light touch and for being so in tune with your students. I have love it when I am with you and always feel rejuvenated on all levels. Namaste"

—  Kim (Hello Healthi)

"One week into the yoga classes I already felt a big difference in my body. My finger joints, wrist and shoulder used to pain a lot. The pain is not there anymore. When I used to sit to do my morning and afternoon prayers I used to battle to wake up. Now I can spring up. My appetite is not so huge now. I also feel as if I have more hours in a day. I do not get tired as easily (more energy). Last thing as well I noticed I drink a lot of water which I never did. I know my cholesterol will go down as well. I want to say a very big thank you with lots of hugs and kisses.

—  Sangitha A (Newcastle, KZN)

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